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We're at the Magic House. What's that you say? It's closed for the evening? That's right. We're staying the night -- jealous much?!?! Oh, and did I mention we're sleeping in the oval office? Spa treatments included nail polish, facials, moisturizing treatment for hands, and of course... glitter.
What's a girl to do after making her spa appointments? Go do some construction work on heavy machinery, of course! Rory has always been about maximum efficiency when causing mass destruction... 'nuff said.
Rory is able to run for President in 2040. Practicing her speech delivery in the Oval Office. More speeches!
And now on to the judicial branch of the government. Rory decided sending people to jail was *awesome* Making our own take-home spa goodies. And of course, it involved glitter. Oh, excuse me. It wasn't glitter. It was "shimmer."
Rory chose my nail polish. I'm not sure how she got the nice metallic copper and I ended up with green glitter... Facials!
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Description: Rory and I went to the Mother/Daughter Sleepover at the Magic House. We pretty much got the run of the place after it closed to the general public.
Location: The Magic House, St. Louis Children's Museum

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