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Dangerous Dan came to teach the girls about SCIENCE. I'm not sure if he knows that he's being stalked by an air shark... Dan challenged Rory to a competition to see which of them could stuff more peanuts into their container... Rory had a large glass one, and he had a film canister. Dan's container held an acid that dissolved the peanuts, so he nearly doubled Rory's count.
Rory is beginning to suspect that something is fishy... Preparing to make iodine... Making the iodine, and demonstrating that not all chemical reactions are instantaneous.
Asking for volunteers to be "handcuffed" together The first two girls are linked together, recreating an old Houdini trick Watching all the girls trying to figure their way out of the cuffs was like watching drunken Twister.
No one figured it out without help, but there were lots of wipeouts! The bed of nails! Demonstrating that spreading pressure over multiple nails makes it "safe"
Dry ice! Demonstrating sublimation (when a solid becomes a gas) Showing that the vapor produced is harmless
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Description: Rory's 7th birthday party. Stand Back -- SCIENCE is about to happen!

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