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Some of the wolves on the massive fireplace in the lobby. The antler chandelier in the lobby and some stuffed caribou in the background. The clock tower in the lobby -- the animals in/on/around the tower were animatronic, and there was a brief show 4 times a day.
The room we booked at Great Wolf had a mini log cabin in it with a set of bunk beds for the kids. Eli decided on the first night that it was a "cabinet" and that the top bunk was the most dangerous (and therefore the most fun) spot in the room. Here he is taunting me: "You can't reach me!" Rory (she's the one in the black shirt on the right) learning to make an origami wolf.
More origami wolf making fun. Rory waits her turn to try her hand at navigating "Big Foot Pass" It's hard to make out from this photo, but if you look out the windows you can tell it was snowing. It was 50 degrees outside, and yet it was dumping snow. Pretty cool to watch from a swimming pool!
First attempt looks good... FAIL. Attempt #2
So far, so good... Judging the distance of the next leap... She barely made it!
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Description: Rory had a Friday off school, so we all took a long weekend and went to Great Wolf Lodge in Kansas City. It's a pretty cool place to take the kids - it's got a nice indoor water park (complete with 3 different slides), an arcade, a spa (for adults and kids) and plenty of other stuff to keep the kids happy.
Location: Great Wolf Lodge

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