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Great Wolf Lodge, March 2012 Great Wolf Lodge, March 2012
Rory had a Friday off school, so we all took a long weekend and went to Great Wolf Lodge in Kansas City. It's a pretty cool place to take the kids - it's got a nice indoor water park (complete with 3 different slides), an arcade, a spa (for adults and kids) and plenty of other stuff to keep the kids happy.
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Mad Science! Mad Science!
Rory's 7th birthday party. Stand Back -- SCIENCE is about to happen!
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Magic House Sleepover Magic House Sleepover
Rory and I went to the Mother/Daughter Sleepover at the Magic House. We pretty much got the run of the place after it closed to the general public.
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Valentine's Eve Snow Valentine's Eve Snow
The first snow of the season that we could do anything with... And the first snow *ever* that Eli actually enjoyed!
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Harry Potter/Islands of Adventure 2011 Harry Potter/Islands of Adventure 2011
On our last full day in Orlando we went to Islands of Adventure (at Universal Studios), mostly for the Harry Potter portion. It was wonderfully themed, but super tiny and super packed.
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Disney 2011 Disney 2011
Photos from our Disney trip.
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OBX 2010 OBX 2010
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Daddy/Daughter Dance! Daddy/Daughter Dance!
Mark and Rory go to the "Daddies & Disco Divas" dance at Rory's school. Rory got to choose where they got dinner beforehand... And nothing says "classy" like the $5 all-you-can-eat pizza buffet at Cici's!
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Rory starts Kindergarten. Kind of. Rory starts Kindergarten. Kind of.
Rory started "Kindergarten Academy" -- which is like a 4 week long dry run before she actually starts school in the fall. These are the photos of the "fake" first and second day.
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Albums 1 - 9 out of 28
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